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Jan Jyoti Stone Jewellery Producer Company Limited is established with a mission to promote & empower woman from those villages. The motto is not just offer a livelihood or an employment but empower a woman so that she becomes a contributing member of family as well as society itself.

They strive to help them to develop a clear understanding of social political and economic factors affecting their lives and strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control their lives.

Their core focus is to provide skill building and skill up-gradation focusing those artisans who are traditionally associated with making handicrafts and there by substantially improve their income. Since most of the artisans involved are women, naturally this results in direct & meaningful contribution in alleviating poverty at grass-root level of our society. Providing these opportunities for those who reside in the remotest locations, has been one their key policies.

Why Choose Our Products

1. Authentic Indian crafts & wares sourced directly from merchants

We source our products and wares directly from the craftsmen and indigenous businesses after conducting a thorough check on the quality and authenticity of each product individually before putting them up for display.

2. Unique selection of products, not available on other online platforms

Our selection of all product lines is one of a kind and their availability is restricted to our brand exclusively. The designs and patterns of products on display are not available on other Ecommerce platforms.

3. Support local businesses & enable them with self employment

We support local businesses and play an important role in enabling indigenous traders and craftsmen to take their produce directly to the end consumer. The profits generated from sales are largely distributed to their favour without charging them any fee or commission towards it.

4. Best quality products at affordable price points

Our boutique Ecommerce platform is the best bet for the modern Indian woman from any walk of life to access traditional Indian home decor items, jewellery and many other interesting products at her own convenience and comfort. Our products are priced very affordably and provide best value for your money.



  • To create handicraft sourcing hubs as centers of excellence [based on philosophy of co-operation] with well integrated forward and backward linkages.

  • Increase competitiveness of over 10,000 handicraft exporters and six million craft-persons and ensure their entry into formal economy.

  • To provide adequate infrastructural support for improved quality and productivity, to enable access of artisans to a larger market segment, both domestic and international.

  • To promote new artisans/entrepreneurs and craftsmen for enterprise development.

  • Integrated and inclusive model for the overall development and promotion of the handicraft sector of various states.

  • Sustainability and stabilization of current enterprises and jobs.

  • Self-sustainable PPP model for running and management of different facilities to be created.

  • Facilitate domestic and international marketing through market intelligence and infrastructure.

Philosophy & Core Values

  • Respect for human rights including, rights of women and children.

  • Equity and fairness in all our actions. Transparency and accountability in all our policies, procedures, and dealings with the community, the funding agencies, government, staff, volunteers, members, partners and public at large.

  • Commitment to innovation and excellence for the development and empowerment of the community

  • Commitment to environmental sustainability.