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Jan Jyoti Stone Jewellery Producer Company Limited is established with a mission to promote & empower woman from those villages. The motto is not just offer a livelihood or an employment but empower a woman so that she becomes a contributing member of family as well as society itself.

They strive to help them to develop a clear understanding of social political and economic factors affecting their lives and strengthen their awareness of their own potential power to control their lives.

Their core focus is to provide skill building and skill up-gradation focusing those artisans who are traditionally associated with making handicrafts and there by substantially improve their income. Since most of the artisans involved are women, naturally this results in direct & meaningful contribution in alleviating poverty at grass-root level of our society. Providing these opportunities for those who reside in the remotest locations, has been one their key policies.

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Agate Stones - An Investment in your mental health!

Agate Stones - An Investment in your mental health!

The name "Agate" originates from the Achates River in Sicily, Italy. Inside the pockets of volcanic rocks or old lava flow, Agate stones dated to the bronze age, and you can see that resemblance in its artistic pieces of carved sculptures and vases. Using archaeological evidence, the city of Khambhat, also known as Cambay, is the hub of the world's largest bead-making industry.

“Artisans of Khambhat” - The Pride of Agate Stones

“Artisans of Khambhat” - The Pride of Agate Stones

People sharing different ideologies, cultures, religions, and customs have always formed the rich foundation on which India's exquisiteness lies. The unparallel Culture of artisans in India is what creates the quintessential nature of the country. For jewellery enthusiasts, stones have always been an essential part of their regional collection. And nothing can beat the aura of an agate stone collection - a must for any diamanté (gemstones) collector.

Revolution in the world of Craftsman

Revolution in the world of Craftsman

India's art and craft Industry has been the fortitude for the rural population for over decades. The country's second highest source of revenue generation is through the rural and semi-urban-based artisans. They not only employ their labor-intensive craft industry but also empower rural households' economic and social power.


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