Agate Stones - An Investment in your mental health!

Agate Stones - An Investment in your mental health!

The name "Agate" originates from the Achates River in Sicily, Italy. Inside the pockets of volcanic rocks or old lava flow, Agate stones dated to the bronze age, and you can see that resemblance in its artistic pieces of carved sculptures and vases. Using archaeological evidence, the city of Khambhat, also known as Cambay, is the hub of the world's largest bead-making industry. You can distinguish Agate stones by seeing the impressive shades of natural colours and contrast in the band patterns it contains. Each stone is unique and consists of intrinsic mineral components and various colours.

Agate stones – a powerful stone, is not only perfect for everyday jewellery but its spiritually healing quality creates an energetic bridge between the giver and the receiver. These alluring gemstones share their dazzling effect with Mother Nature and are known to be used for meditation, healing grids and chakra balancing.

Modern and inspirational designs are a part of the Agate Stone artisan's collection. By intricately blending various stones like Onyx Agate, Fire Agate, Moss Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Agate, and Iris Agate, artisan craft some fantastic house decor products and jewellery pieces to perfection. It is a usual belief among gemstone collectors that you do not find stones; instead, the stone finds you. Each stone has its healing property, a story to tell, a moment of joy to share, and a meaning that will remain with you throughout your life. Blue lace Agate is one of the most popular forms of Agate with its translucent blue colour, purple hues and gorgeous white veins. Moss Agate is a creative stone; you will get lost in its embellished patterns and designs. 

The craftsman meticulously pays attention to antiquities to give each buyer a unique experience. Detailed oriented designs and artisanal handicrafts are combined to create Agate coasters, Agate bowls, Agate knobs, Agate bookends, Agate tabletop slabs, Agate Wall Art, Agate Candle holders and many more, adding an aesthetically distinguished personality. Unique bracelets, bangles, fashion trinkets and crystal jewellery are created, targeting buyers' sensory details and emotions.

From laying out the designs to carving the final products like Arrowhead products, chakra and reiki sets, chakra jewellery, engraved stones, pendants and keychains, each kickshaw goes through a rigorous process to influence the buyer's taste. Intricate curation of metaphysical items like healing crystals, healing wands, and orgone energy items give the buyer a feel of luxury ownership. In collaboration with Jan Jyot, these artisans offer the most polished products to the market and their audiences. From ethnic jewellery pieces to bold house décor to subtle healing items, each part of the artefact made from Agate stones represent strength of natural healing.