Revolution in the world of Craftsman

Revolution in the world of Craftsman

India's art and craft Industry has been the fortitude for the rural population for over decades. The country's second highest source of revenue generation is through the rural and semi-urban-based artisans. They not only employ their labor-intensive craft industry but also empower rural households' economic and social power.

Historically, artisans were given a lot of respect and tremendously appreciated for their art. But as the demand for artistic creations went down in local Indian markets, creativity and hard-work was overshadowed by their struggle to earn a livelihood. With the increase in industrialization and unbelievable technological change, preserving artisans and their art had become a challenge. But over the years we have seen a steep rise in the growing demand for Indian artifacts in international markets and with this it is a pressing priority to synergize learning from experience and work with the artisans to build their capacity. 

With this agenda in mind, Jan Jyoti is constantly trying to uplift the rural, unorganized, yet outstandingly creative influencers to extravagantly market their talent. Supported by the office of the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, Ministry of Textile, Jan Jyot is an organization constantly striving to promote Agate stone handicrafts to the world. Agate stones are known to derive an aura that eliminates negativity and tranquillizes anger and tension to create an atmosphere of peace and concord.

 Jan Jyot inspires these artisans to create some finely designed and detailed agate stone products in ample varieties for the buyers to select. In the process, we are invariably dedicated to promoting the talent of women and, in turn, supporting this impoverished community's economic growth. Jan Jyot is impassioned with preserving the artisans' skills and providing a contemporary touch to the intricate pieces to add to their value. Artisans are made aware about the value of their craft and abilities and with colossal efforts from Jan Jyot these artisans are assisted and guided in upgrading their skills, encouraged to adapt modern marketing techniques and bridge the gap between the artisans and the buyers.

 At Jan Jyot, we are committed to providing these artisans with the satisfaction of making the product and weaving their inspiration, personality and hard work with it. Online marketing of the product through various mediums ensures that the product that reaches the market is 100% authentic and priced right to benefit both the artisan and the buyer. At Jan Jyot, we endeavour to set a transparent system that adheres to the changing market situation nationally and internationally.

Jan Jyot is a channel through which artisans are encouraged to upgrade their craftsmanship and achieve perfection, tap the market requirements, assess the quality that reaches the buyer and make art pieces more relevant to today's times as per buyer's demand. Here are some amazingly decorative items with antique designs and stones that are curated to provide that healing factor to the body and calm mind. If you want to buy these outstanding pieces tailored with age-old art techniques, Jan Jyot is the perfect destination.